Michael Glenn began Bujinkan training in 1988. He is ranked at the ku level of judan (15th degree black belt).

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what is rojodojo about?

I want to give away all of my training videos so that I can contribute to the Bujinkan community. I want my classes and seminars to be free or available to anyone no matter what they can afford. I already give away my blog posts and training notes for free. But all of this costs me.

And the question is, do you all want what I share?

I didn’t start training back in the ’80s with the idea that “one day, I will sell my knowledge and skill.” No, I started training because I was drawn to it and compelled. Then I fell in love with it.

My reasons for training have changed many times over the years. First, I wanted to be a bad-ass ninja. Then, I liked the balance that training brought to my life. Of course, I really enjoy all the friends I have made. And today, I get a lot out of sharing this art that I love so much.

I share in my own classes, but that is limited to people who are physically near me. So I write blog posts, post on social networks, and make training videos. I spend a lot of time and money to consistently produce high quality training that remains real and true to the Bujinkan.

And I want to share even more! But I’ve reached a point where taking it to the next level will cost more than I can afford. So I’m asking you to support my efforts.

I’ve reformatted rojodojo to reflect this new approach of giving and sharing. If you find value in all of the real Bujinkan training I deliver, you can support it! When I reach certain levels of support the whole Bujinkan community will benefit. And you can make that happen.

How can you get involved?

I’m already incredibly greatful to my current supporters. If you also want to help me make these videos and continue teaching then signup with whatever amount makes sense to you.

I think it’s important to be honest about the fact that no one actually has to pay for videos anymore. There’s like 0.00001% chance you’d ever get caught illegally downloading my training videos. Yet still, plenty of you pay for it. I’m super thankful to the people that do, and never upset with the people that don’t. I’ve posted free videos on youtube for years because I value our training more than your dollars.

James “Michael, Thank you so much for everything you have done. I feel very honored to not only belong to such a great martial art, but a great lineage within the art. There are many impostors out there and I am so glad i found a group of people that genuinely care about budo. ” ~ James

Dimitris“I feel that training now is more important than ever. for me there is no one I’d want to learn this art from other than you and the people in our group.” ~ Dimitris
“I have been teaching most of the classes at our dojo for the last year. I felt we had become stagnant in our training but over the last couple weeks we have been working on some of your material and have seen a dramatic improvement in our training and our students. I want to thank you for sharing you wealth of knowledge and putting it out there for everyone.” ~ Nick
Salim“I learned a lot about improvements I need to make and the benefits of persevering when times seem bleak!” ~ Salim
Jesse“Thanks Michael. You are an amazing teacher! and all you are awesome.. I feel very honored .. and I look forward to training with you gentlemen for a long time.” ~ Jesse